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Business Ethics Code of the PDAgroup

The mission of our organization is to provide dedicated solutions that will solve our clients’ problems. Together with our business partners, we want to ensure the highest quality of products and services offered in accordance with our best knowledge and experience.

To implement our mission, we strictly adhere to the following principles in relation to our employees, clients and contractors. We expect the same from them.

We believe that propagating these rules and principles will contribute to building business relationships based on honesty, mutual trust and benefits as well as the economic growth of all markets in which we operate.

Honesty and Transparency

We are honest with our employees, we offer employment based on legal employment tools. We inform them openly about our requirements and precisely define the scope of responsibilities by providing necessary on-the-job training and management support at all levels. We require our employees to be involved in their tasks and activities in good faith.

We are honest with our customers and business partners, we treat them in the way we would like to be treated. We do not make promises without coverage and we make every effort to ensure the highest quality products and services and our customer service at the VIP level.

Avoiding conflicts of interest

It is particularly important for our company to prevent conflicts of interest, especially in relations with employees. If we receive information that the family or private relationships may conflict with the interests of the company, we try to eliminate their negative effects as soon as possible, by obliging our emplyees to inform the supervisor as soon as possible about the situation and to refrain from any adverse activities that may negatively affect the firm.


We trust our employees, believing that all actions on behalf of supervisors and on behalf of the company are carried out with the utmost diligence, which allows us to give our employees a large dose of independence and decision-making, which allows for the real job satisfaction and the opportunity for personal development.

We trust our contractors that they take special care in providing services and offering the highest quality products. We try to support them in the difficult moments of their businesses.

Every day, we operate to be perceived as a business partner you can trust. We set the highest standards of work with the client and internal procedures that allow not to fail the trust of all persons who have contact with our company.

Equal opportunities

We operate according to and promote the principles of equal employment opportunities and development opportunities for our employees. The most important factor contributing to employment and subsequent promotion are the competence and commitment of the person. Our Code of Business Ethics excludes discrimination in any aspect of employment based on racial, religious, skin color, ethnic or nationality, age, disability, sexual orientation, political views, gender or marital status.

Care for the natural environment

At the core of our business is a deep concern for the environment. We give new life to used devices, which contributes to lower production of new equipment and thus eliminates the negative impact of this industry sector on the environment itself, even in global terms. Our daily work procedures also take care of the environment in which our employees, their families, as well as all our clients and contractors live. We are constantly raising the standards of our work to relieve the environment as much as possible.