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Permanent service coverage is the guarantee of your devices’ safety. We provide customized mobile device maintenance solutions for your business. In order to protect you against the unexpected costs and downtime, we offer hot-swap replacement devices. Together with our extensive stock of spare parts, it makes the repair process swift and unnoticeable.

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PDAgroup provides its customers with the highest quality products and services.

Qualified specialists approach each customer’s needs individually, so that the selected solution meets the expectations of its users. PDA provides technical support along with comprehensive implementation of solutions supporting the work of European enterprises.

Over the years, PDAgroup has transformed into one of the largest European companies providing implementation services and post-implementation support for AutoID hardware and software. As technology evolves and customer demands increase, PDAgroup continually broadens its service offerings to deliver a comprehensive solution to its clients.

Our success is the result of many years of hard work, commitment, professionalism, and customer trust.

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Each year in PDAserwis means:

90000repaired devices
12000device rentals
3000landed shipments
150000items in our warehouse
3500issued invoices

All this thanks to:

100+qualified experts
1200 m2office space
20000sent e-mails
500client meetings

Partnerships and certification

Zebra Premier Business Partner

Datalogic Silver Partner

Authorized Business Partner of BarTender Software

SATO Champion Business Partner

Bronze Level Partner
Soti Alttitude Program

HPE Business  Partner

TSC Auto ID Technology Gold Partner

Bizerba Partner

Colour Label+ Silver Partner

Gold Partner