Professional support in autoID device deployment

The decision to implement autoID solutions or to expand your fleet of devices is not easy. We do understand that, and we are eager to help you in choosing the best solutions that meet your company's needs.

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The drive to push the limits in the field of mobile device technology and the determination with which we accomplish it form the basis of how we build our business relationships.

Specialist mobile device service

Many years of experience, an extensivestock of parts, and leading-edge maintenance solutions make us the master of fixing all kinds of defects.

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Permanent service coverage is the guarantee of your devices’ safety. We provide customized mobile device maintenance solutions for your business. In order to protect you against the unexpected costs and downtime, we offer hot-swap replacement devices. Together with our extensive stock of spare parts, it makes the repair process swift an unnoticeable.

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About us

PDAserwis is a company with over 13 years of experience in mobile devices service. We are one of the largest and the most experienced service providers of such equipment.

First, there was the question ’Why does it not work?’. Then came the curiosity - ’What’s inside?’ and the revelation that ’This can be fixed‘. This is how our early beginnings looked like, long before the decision to create service facility was made. Today, after many  years of hard work and technology development, we can proudly say that we are experts in what we do.

In order to meet the expectations of the domestic and foreign markets, we constantly improve our skills, gaining invaluable knowledge that allows us to face every task. Regarding autoID devices nothing can surprise us!

Our passion, many years of experience, and a team of 50 specialists is a guarantee of a professional approach to your fleet of devices.

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