Sales, service of mobile terminals, scanners, printers, logistic labels –

Sale of AutoID devices

We offer new and used barcode scanners, mobile terminals, and label printers, i.e. modern automatic identification equipment for data storage and processing.


Purchase and sale of new and used devices

Purchase and sale of new and used devices.
Are you planning to expand or replace your fleet of devices? Are you considering implementing a system to optimize data flow in your company? Contact us, present your assumptions and needs, and we will present you a dedicated solution for your company.

Our price goes hand in hand with functionality. Why? Because we offer devices that have undergone the modernization process, thanks to which they look and work like new ones but they cost much less. We have our own warehouse of devices ready for shipment which allows us to ensure fast order fulfillment. We rent and sell equipment of leading manufacturers, such as: Motorola, Zebra, Symbol, Datalogic, Intermec, Psion, Honeywell, Cipherlab, Unitech, Argox or LXE.

We offer:

We also buy used autoID devices. If you have unnecessary or broken devices, please contact us so that we can price them out.

Optimization and automation of your company’s work is a challenge that we will take up willingly.

Equipment buyback

Do you have an unwanted or faulty device that needs to be recycled?
We repurchase all autoID devices: barcode readers, warehouse terminals, industrial/semi industrial and mobile printers. We also offer recycling of equipment in an environmentally safe manner.
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