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Implementation and integration of RFID and NFC radio technologies

Radio identification
Fixed assets tracking
Data storage

RFID and NFC are based on technology that uses radio waves to track, identify objects or people.

The technology is aimed at businesses looking for non-contact tools for monitoring people and fixed assets. Properly implemented technology allows to significantly increase the efficiency of intralogistics processes, thus saving time and optimizing physical labor.

Elimination of direct contact with fixed assets or goods simplifies and accelerates the inventory process in the warehouse, offices and retail stores.

The flexibility of the technology enables integration with other systems – anti-theft, personnel security or access control.

PDAgroup solutions are designed in cooperation with the most recognized equipment manufacturers, such as Zebra Technologies or Nordic ID.

Why RFID and NFC?


Reading multiple labels in a very short time


Labels can be hidden inside tagged items


Tags can be resistant to environmental conditions (temperature, dust, humidity)


The possibility of reusing the same label (e.g. for tagging fixed assets)

No human intervention

RFID gates allow operator-free registering of moving goods and personnel